Thursday, September 02, 2010

Reminiscence to the good old days in Mulund

The place is not easy to remember fully as it was due to the rapid changes with urbanization, but never easy to forget till i breathe my last. It reminds you always in movies, while reading on books or while listening to songs - the town you grew up in, your universe of sorrows, pain, joy and fond memories of growing up. While you were growing up there, you wanted to always move out of it to explore the world and now when you explore the world, that is the only place your mind wants to go back to. But does your heart and brain want you to go back there? Probably, it doesn’t.

Because the small town has exploded beyond its capacity, adding thousands of people and millions of automobiles, paving very less way for you to breathe, walk without worrying over colliding with other humans or having a rickshaw run over your feet. The roads that I used to walk on for hours together, holding my mom’s hands which over the years gave way to my friends shoulders are still the same. The tar in them is now “concrete” kind of signifying the deeply etched memories of my childhood days in that small town. Those roads which bore the brunt of my weight and sweat through my cycling endeavors or my automobile escapades in scooter and car still have a part of my life in their own way which no other road can have. The trees, the traffic, the crooked corner houses or the sloping shopping complexes with oceans of people all are testimony to my existence, my growing up or my struggle with my growing up years to be where I want to be.

And just today after completing “The World of Nagaraj” and a few clips of “Malgudi Days” from R. K Narayan, I pay tribute to my home suburb from Mumbai - Mulund.

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Meenakshi Deepak said...

sahi hai... ! keep writing.. u express well thru ur words than in person.. :P