Monday, September 06, 2010

Bachelorhood 2.0 The last week of Month 1?

Yeah its been sometime since I flaunted the movies, music and books I have gone through so here it is.


Natarang: This is a Marathi movie starring Atul Kulkarni, who was also in Rang De Basanti. Awesome movie! Finally glad to watch it. It was as brilliant as Jogwa, Harishchandrachi Factory or Sanai Choughadi. Atul Kulkarni’s all encompassing performance from a masculine farmer to a feminine ‘Nachya’ to being the “Arjuna” in some of the plays. The dexterity with which he is able to switch back and forth between his masculine and feminine mannerisms and the clash of thoughts internally as he does that reminds you of some of the tough roles that Kamalhassan has essayed in his creative career. Atul will truly always be an actor for the classes than the masses like Kamal Saar is.
Bas Ek Pal: Good movie. Nice to see Urmila Matondkar ( who was in the same school – though different branch, as me). Dunno how I missed this movie before. Good one.
Dinner at Fred’s: Cool Hollywood movie with little bit of magic, absurdity but in the end all-in-all a love story.
The Hairdresser’s Friend: A French movie, which I saw reading the English subtitles. Nice movie on the obsession of a little boy on his hairdresser and how he pursues his dream of marrying a hairdresser and his journey through that experience.


The Most Celebreated Flutist of India – Hariprasad Chaurasia: Very melodious, rhythemic and enchanting. Track 2 has also a mix of flute, Tabla. Feel very peaceful at the end of it.
Don McLean – American Pie: Apart from the title track “American Pie” all other tracks were ok.


Finished reading “The world of Nagaraj” by R.K Narayan. Awesome book, though at times a bit irritatingly slow due to the comic and senseless thought process of Nagaraj. In essence the author has rightly potrayed the way men sometimes evade real issues by reacting weirdly. It also shows a kind of tolerance and patience that Nagaraj so effectively displays to keep relationship with his brother and brother’s son intact, which is the backbone of the joint household system in India. Instead of feeling bad and reacting with an outburst, he takes their reactions and indifference to him as comical and just keeps quiet. Amazing read.
That’s it for now. Rest in next!

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