Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stats: HisTory!

1.       On Sept 23rd, exactly 7 days back we had published the first set of statistics for this blog and hoped to cross 1000 pageviews by Sept’30 2010. We have surpassed our initial target! As of 11.06 pm CET, this blog has now got total of 1500 pageviews in the month of September’2010 alone! An amazing feat, considering the fact that the pageviews before September were only 28!

2.       See the split of people visiting this blog from various parts of the world. US of course tops the chart, followed by India, Norway and UK. I have also already turned off "Don't track my page views" so the Norway numbers are from elsewhere!
3.     A lot of feedback received offline – by word of mouth, email, chat and also as comments on the blog and facebook/orkut has been received with an open mind. Thanks a load for that. I will focus on the suggested improvement areas and thanks for branding my writing as “creative writing”. Hope I am able to raise the bar to your expectations and do well!

4.       Year 2010 has been a significant year for this blog, as we had the maximum no. of blogs (22 so far and counting) posted ever in the five years this blog has been online and the highest ever in a single month (Sept 2010 where there are 21 blogs including this one).

5.       Blog “Tribute to the Dell Inspiron 5150: My first laptop” is now having 87 clicks after just 3 days of being posted. This is one of the fastest blogs to touch the three figure mark!

6.   Through this blog, am able to moor my thoughts and energies onto something i wanted to do for so long and in a way helping me look beyond the loneliness that depresses one in this part of the world. Kudos to!

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