Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marriage is all about communicating on the internet while sitting next to each other!

Facebooking next to each other on the weekends!

Marriage is all about communication. If not in person, when words fail you - over internet through chat, twitter and social networking sites like orkut, facebook. This pic is taken during one of the many weekends me and my wife spent watching movies and soaps like Sex and the City, The Big Bang Show, How i Met Your Mother, having conversations & fights, chatting to family and friends over internet or just sipping tea and planning to prepare some great food! Is this where the next generation of the human life is moving to? Sitting next to each other and connecting to each other on the internet? Grr..this sounds like the ending of a "Sex and the City" episode?


Meenakshi Deepak said...

heheh.. yea the ending did sound like Sarah Jessica Parker's statement at the beginning of yet another episode of SATC

Atreya rocks said...

hehehehe :) now the music roles by - tan tan tadan tan tan tadan...:)