Thursday, September 23, 2010

This blog create history!

This is a momentous day for this young blog. Though it has been operational for the past five years,
its this month that has been the most voluminous month in terms of the no. of blogs written by me or the incoming traffic. Glad to share the following milestones:

#1 Article "Global Delivery Model" became the first article in this blog to cross 100 page views early this week. Though written in 2005, it indeed proves "Old is Gold"!

#2 Article "Tribute to Bangalore Roomies" posted just 3 days back has now had 84 page views. Here comes the fastest blog to reach such a high hit. This can lead to one conclusion that a sincere tribute to your past can indeed be rewarding!

#3 Today this blog overall crossed 1000 page views in all! See the split of people visiting this blog from various parts of the world. US of course tops the chart, followed by India, Norway and UK. I have also already turned off "Don't track my page views" so the Norway numbers are from elsewhere!

Apart from the above countries, there were clicks also from countries like Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Phillipines, Pakistan - which is not visible in the Graph above due to volumes lower than 1%.

#4 The blog has total of 1018 page views as of now, of which
     18 pageviews were from August'10
    980 pageviews are from Sept'10 alone!

Hopefully by September 2010 end, we are able to cross the magic figure of 1000 pageviews for Sept - the next aspirational milestone!

# 5 The blog is unique as i have blogged not only from US, but also from India and Norway.

#6 I had another small blog which was the earliest of my blogs. Posted all articles from there to this blog early this week for simplification.

#7 Feature of "Labels" added for easy searching related to common themes.

#8 The first series of "Short Stories" started and already 2 part's are published. Another firsts!

#9 There are now seven followers for this blog! A record so far!

#10 This blog covers following different themes: Travelogue, Real Life Stories, Fiction, Bachelorhood 2.0 series and Humor as of now. I am trying to develop a versatility in writing on various themes than being specialized. I am refraining from writing on Personality Development as i am already a regular columnist on a different website. The analytics provided by the "Stats" feature of the blogger along with your commets/ feedback will help me to then specialize in one form of writing.

#11 Early this week the blog also crossed two consecutive days where there were more than 100 page views (on Mon and Tue)

It wouldn't have been possible without the support of all of you who patiently searched for this blog or clicked on the links i share on Facebook, Orkut, Gtalk and Twitter!

Thanks all and i will ensure i keep this blog rocking! Comments, Feedback - pls email / post!

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