Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bachelorhood 2.0 Week 2 in September

Phew…so it was yet another week that went by me. It wasn’t that fast now that I try to think deeply on how it was. There was this cursory trip to Oslo for 2 days for business and what helped me survive those long hours commuting to the airport, flight and my journey back was the book “The Toughest Indian in the World” by Sherman Alexie which I had picked up from the Stavanger library on Sept 4th. What made me pick up the book was the word “Indian” expecting a book talking about NRI’s living in the US of A.

However I was wrong. This book is an interesting read on the lives of "American Indians" not the Indian-Indians, but native American Indians. Sherman has interwoven an interesting mix of short stories showing the changing times and affluence of the native Americans in the US. The way even the author tried to clear confusion amongst its characters is by saying “Indian with arrow in the hand” and not “Indian with a dot in the head”. Good read on the feelings, growing up pains of the native Americans in a white dominated society.


Peepli Live: Awesome movie on a very serious topic proving we Indians can take a chill pill and laugh over the political and media circus that is taking the country by storm in various spheres with a specific case of “Farmer suicides”. The movie has all the touches of the same old art movies that came in the early 80’s starring Om Puri, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah with the wit and humor of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron kind of movies. A difficult balance, rightly achieved by less acclaimed actors. Hats off to Amir Khan Productions!

Udaan: Good movie on an dysfunctional Indian family starring a kid who is kicked out after 8 years in a boarding school and is now to live with his dad (Ronit Roy) and step brother. The step brother is very cutely essayed by the child actor. Ronit Roy has also grown in stature as an actor – thanks to his Amitabh like presence on the TV screen. The kid who essays the role of the main protagonist has also acted well.

Salt: Wow…what a movie! Angelina Jolie rocks! Probably the first movie that I remember seeing of this much talked about lady. She is almost like a rubber band – doing all those dare-devil stunts as if she is playing on the cot with her kids doing silly stuff. Liked it for the stunts and of course Ms. J!

We are Family: Was actually not going to watch it, but had one of my friends Doney come over to my place for lunch. So while we were thinking what next to do post lunch hit upon this movie. After 40 mins we both were not saying it, but had enough of it. Thanks to his rescue, he pushed off to meet some other friends for tea. Since I don’t like watching the same movie twice (and my wife hates me for it at times!) I decided I shouldn’t leave it half way. In between going to the Gym and speaking to folks back home in India I completed this movie. Kajol, Kareena, Arjun and the kids have given commendable performance. But the film won’t work, cos there is something missing, which I am still not able to figure out apart from the fact that Indian audiences have still not woken upto this fact on television. All that happens in real life can still be not admitted by folks as reality in life and if they get a chance to shun it, they will – by boycotting a movie like this.

Phew…enough banter on movies. This week should try finishing this Rudyard Kipling book I got from library, titled “Soldiers Three and In Black and White”. Tadaa…!

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