Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today is one of those days

- i lazed throughout the day
- i wanted to do something but ended up doing nothing
- i saw a movie - "Ewin Almighty" and finished the remaining of "Madagascar"
- Madagascar was hilarious...hehehe fundu.
- Now going to watch an Indian movie "Chak De India" starring SRK.
- Cya till then!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

"He trusted me"

It was just another week day, but a day when i had one of my appointments with the dentist.
I did the pre-requisites - setup an out of office reply on my Outlook Mailbox, emailed the people with whom i work about my limited availability during the appointment and zipped off in my car 20 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Route 9 didn't have much traffic and downtown traffic was as usual being slow. Parked my car in the parking lot, didnt forget to turn off the AC,stereo and iPod before cutting the ignition. Its a sequence of events, which when completed quickly in succession, gives the ultimate satisfaction.
The attendant greeted me with the car parking pass, which i kept inside the car, to ensure its not towed.

As i settled myself onto a seat and tried to familiarize myself to the surroundings with a smile, i saw a sort of troubled American waiting for his turn with the doc. After shedding the initial inhibitions with a smile, we just introduced ourselves with a hi followed by our names. Conversationalists that people in this part of the world are, Paul mentioned that he was having trouble with his car which he had brought about 4 days back.

An ad in the local newspaper led Paul to meet the seller (previous owner) of the car. The owner sold the car with all the promises of a smart seller. Paul succembed to those with a look at the car and more importantly the trust that he placed on the seller.

Day 1 and Paul couldn't have found a better car, he felt at the end of the day, for his shoestring budget of under 5000 dollars. At the end of Day 2, Paul's car broke down and upon showing it to the garage, he was told the transmission was faulty and would need 1200 dollars in part itself for a fix. Paul was flabbergasted and shocked to see his money go down the drain. Over talks, i got to know that Paul didnt have a regular job and was doing some odd jobs for a company. Now he cant commute to that company, as he didnt have a car.

I tried asking him if he did a carfax check or showed the car to a mechanic before buying it. All he could say was "I trusted him".

It was time for the doctor to call him for his dental treatment and his words for the doctor were "I hope its covered under insurance. I am broke ". Thankfully for him, it was covered under his insurance.

Paul, don't know if our path's cross again, but hope things get better for you. There is a prayer for you from me.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I still exist

Yes. I would like to re-affirm that i still exist and i have not forgotten this blog. Writing was a passion for me since college days and now all i write is only emails to my colleagues and clients. Don't even reply to emails of family and friends as i directly speak. Too lazy or too level headed on the $$, spending them on calls. I got into SP Jain for the 1 year. Should i take it or shouldn't I? Time would tell, perhaps!