Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whats up with me for today?

Whats up with me for today?

Professional: Same old work. Mechanical, Monotonous,a no-brainer, but high paying. Sometimes i wonder..why is it that the money you earn is inversely proportional to the complexity of your work? Is it because that low complex work needs lot of patience and that no one does it, which makes it highly rewarding? Thinking...18 months have passed by..since i have been thinking on this.

Spiritual: No meditation started yet. Did a bit yesterday. But too less....less than 2 minutes.Meditation helps you focus and attain what you want. But when i think of this, the thought that hits me is - aint i being selfish?

Educational: 2 hours on Sentence Correction background yesterday. Need to work today on some exercises from Kaplan.

Financial: My stocks and mutual funds are performing bad. On the negative side by 4000Rs. But believe that will be up by this amount in the next 3 months. Counting begins.

Will finish this blog now...missed enough of Sex and the City, which am watching simultaneously, as i blog this.

Monday, October 10, 2005


This is one of those days...when i hibernate back to my same old lazy shell. In this shell, i hardly focus on my meals or on anything else. This is the time, when all i want to do is, look for a bed on the most ignored corner of the house, pull a blanket over me and let my mind wander in a 1000 different directions.In this phase of a tance, am always sleepy and kind of on a different level altogether.Nothing motivates me to get off my self induced exile from a routine normal life.
Havent cleaned the house. didnt go to temple, havent done my laundry for the week. Also did not shop for groceries. Thinking of good old days, when i was in school/college and while we were in mulund.Those days will never come back.

The following 5 things surround me as i write this blog:
  • Glucon D Box
  • Nokia 6600
  • Table Fan
  • Packet of Oma Pudi ( A form of South Indian crackers)
  • Tiger Balm
Will go back to my lazy stupen spendour..zzzzz

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Independant Software Consultants vs Employees of big IT companies

Just coming back after dinner from a friends place. Was chatting for quiet sometime with his new room mate, with whom my friend share's an apartment. Mr. Room mate is the ideal indian software consultant. Its so surprising to find that consultants have such a different life than employees of big 3 Indian IT arms like me.

Some interesting points:

1) Consultants Change clients,jobs, consulting agencies as soon as he can, whenever he wants to. He has no worries of sticking to the same technology/same project/same people for long.

2) His resume is more frequently updated that the latest stock prices on a trading web site.

3) He doesnt care for promotions/mandatory yearly training schedules/onsite-offshore calls/indian salary.

4) Feels suffocated and runs when he is asked to work like us - work over weekends for free, no charges!

5) Has a host of technologies/skill sets/experience under his least looks like. A Big 3 guy knows the in and out of Word, Excel,Notepad and other "blaah"ding edge (meant bleeding edge) technologies.

6) Has to do all the paperwork of his H-1 B Visa and everything else. For a guy working in a big 3, all we need to do is send all the right papers to our HRD and the rest is taken care by them.

Enough...this blog was in my draft for a long time...just finishing it now.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

3 years with my first company!

Just earned 3 years of work experience with one of the top 3 IT Companies from India...this September 30th. It was almost as if only yesterday i took that Udyan Express train from Mumbai to Bangalore, eagerly anticipating working in an IT Company. Time flew much faster, than i had anticipated.

Of these 36 months, the last 16 months have been spent in the US. Thanks to IT and opportunity and most importantly the H-1B. Today, am at the crossroads, where my mind is running in all different directions. Job Switch in US, MBA Degree, Clinging to the same old IT Company, Job Switch in name a few. Why is life so complicated? Or is it that we make it complicated? Why is it that we always want more?

Why is it so difficult for someone to opt for one of the choices and work towards that? Is it because so much is at stake? Is it the fear of failure? Is it the loss of belief in self?Or is it that feelings and concepts like enhancing skills, optimism, hard-work, smart-work, self-belief are covered with a layer of complacency and laze glazed dust? No certifications, no coding for past 2 years, dreams of being a business degree...thats all am left with.

GMAT, Short Listing Schools, Recos, Essays, Apps, Acceptance, Visa Interviews, Studying...all look so far and so much of a struggle. Sitting alone in an 1 BHK , besides the light of a table lamp, typing away to boredom is this IT Guy, who never wanted to be in a field where he is, when he was earning his engineering degree in electronics, with a flair for computer networking, only to not be able to apply it now.

Enough...cooked the toor dal in cooker. Need to cook rice and prepare tasty dal. Not having room mates doesnt mean i skip cooking.