Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whats up with me for today?

Whats up with me for today?

Professional: Same old work. Mechanical, Monotonous,a no-brainer, but high paying. Sometimes i wonder..why is it that the money you earn is inversely proportional to the complexity of your work? Is it because that low complex work needs lot of patience and that no one does it, which makes it highly rewarding? Thinking...18 months have passed by..since i have been thinking on this.

Spiritual: No meditation started yet. Did a bit yesterday. But too less....less than 2 minutes.Meditation helps you focus and attain what you want. But when i think of this, the thought that hits me is - aint i being selfish?

Educational: 2 hours on Sentence Correction background yesterday. Need to work today on some exercises from Kaplan.

Financial: My stocks and mutual funds are performing bad. On the negative side by 4000Rs. But believe that will be up by this amount in the next 3 months. Counting begins.

Will finish this blog now...missed enough of Sex and the City, which am watching simultaneously, as i blog this.

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