Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Independant Software Consultants vs Employees of big IT companies

Just coming back after dinner from a friends place. Was chatting for quiet sometime with his new room mate, with whom my friend share's an apartment. Mr. Room mate is the ideal indian software consultant. Its so surprising to find that consultants have such a different life than employees of big 3 Indian IT arms like me.

Some interesting points:

1) Consultants Change clients,jobs, consulting agencies as soon as he can, whenever he wants to. He has no worries of sticking to the same technology/same project/same people for long.

2) His resume is more frequently updated that the latest stock prices on a trading web site.

3) He doesnt care for promotions/mandatory yearly training schedules/onsite-offshore calls/indian salary.

4) Feels suffocated and runs when he is asked to work like us - work over weekends for free, no charges!

5) Has a host of technologies/skill sets/experience under his least looks like. A Big 3 guy knows the in and out of Word, Excel,Notepad and other "blaah"ding edge (meant bleeding edge) technologies.

6) Has to do all the paperwork of his H-1 B Visa and everything else. For a guy working in a big 3, all we need to do is send all the right papers to our HRD and the rest is taken care by them.

Enough...this blog was in my draft for a long time...just finishing it now.

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