Friday, April 30, 2004

The creation of "Lets Talk" public speaking club

Am starting off a brand new day..tadada. Hehehe its yet another eventful day in the life of Deepak Chandrasekaran, the guy who is keying all these words down, which will eyeballs will savour for years to come! No was indeed a pleasure to see the posters of my club 'Lets Talk' being put in all the Food Courts of our IT Company Campus. Indeed a very good job by the PR Team, to whom the task was selectively delegated. Its indeed a different kind of feeling to bump across something that you are trying to initiate in a new place. Am trying to initiate a public speaking club in this office of our organisation with a close friend. We have a vision to upgrade it to a full fledged Toastmasters Club in the future. Even though we are just starting a club, the feeling, satisfaction and challenges are same as that of being a budding enterpreuner and starting your own organization. More later..

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Air Supply's "All Out of Love" by a Software Engineer

Am lying alone...with my head on the desk.
waiting for work till it comes.
i know am on bench..
but what else can i do..tormented and of no use (to the company)

I wish i could add some bugs to the code
the times when i was given a deadline..
I am searching for a project are u seeing it too
the feeling seems too tiring

Hahahah the above was a custmoization of the song "All Out of Love" (Air Supply) by a person who is on the reserves in a reputed IT company.

This just goes to show that IT guys are creative and do have a sense of humor.

More slapstick humor at this place.

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This was taken from the oldest blogs i had written Reposting here to keep all in one place in Sept'10!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

19 months of work ex

Hi there! Almost a day since i posted anything. I have been employed for the past 19 months or so. I wont exactly vouch for the fact that its enjoyable working on a job profile, for which you arent carved out to be. But thats the best opportunity that fate had in store for me, 19 months ago when i had kicked a BPO job..only to be jobless,remorse and depressed at home. Then came in this opportunity to show case my abilities and that helped me make up mind is all about sailing through boulders with your chest held out and head held high. Nothing comes in a platter. Your favourite job, your cute girlfriend or your much desired palatial house. Blood and sweat and untiring efforts on the path of discipline is what will lead you to where you really want to be in life.

Today as i create this Weblog on the internet..i am unleashing my innate ability to connect with human beings all around the world by sharing my experiences and giving a sneak preview of the happenings around me.

They say strength is all about mental toughness and internal ruggedness more than the exterior muscular self. We as human beings are always passing through a passage of emotions, anger and mixed feelings. The journey indeed has a host of demons, who have to be kept at bay by the sword of mental alertness.

Too much of crap already! More to short...i am gonna help unleash the potential of using our inner strength, through this weblog.

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Taken from another blog of mine which i had started in 2004 - the first blog in blogspot itself, called Moving those blogs to this space.