Thursday, April 29, 2004

Air Supply's "All Out of Love" by a Software Engineer

Am lying alone...with my head on the desk.
waiting for work till it comes.
i know am on bench..
but what else can i do..tormented and of no use (to the company)

I wish i could add some bugs to the code
the times when i was given a deadline..
I am searching for a project are u seeing it too
the feeling seems too tiring

Hahahah the above was a custmoization of the song "All Out of Love" (Air Supply) by a person who is on the reserves in a reputed IT company.

This just goes to show that IT guys are creative and do have a sense of humor.

More slapstick humor at this place.

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This was taken from the oldest blogs i had written Reposting here to keep all in one place in Sept'10!

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