Thursday, August 12, 2004

The burning desire for doing MBA

More than 2 months in Middletown, CT. Less than 2 years work experience. Still pursue the dream of doing an MBA in a top notch institute. But...have to hang on to gain valuable experience and also money. Getting to learn a lot of things in the working life. Indeed glad that didnt join an MBA school, directly after completing my Engineering. Only when you face, handle and survive real life situations, see real managers only then can you share, experience and enrich yourself with an MBA. Else whats the use of being a bookish Manager?

The meaning and application of the teachings of an MBA will penetrate much deeper into the roots of the 21st century manager, only when he has seen good and bad managers, has been managed well or misused.

The management principles cannot be applied in real life, unless one knows what principles to apply and in what scenarios. The scenarios will be more clearly visible only when one works for some amount of time.