Monday, October 10, 2005


This is one of those days...when i hibernate back to my same old lazy shell. In this shell, i hardly focus on my meals or on anything else. This is the time, when all i want to do is, look for a bed on the most ignored corner of the house, pull a blanket over me and let my mind wander in a 1000 different directions.In this phase of a tance, am always sleepy and kind of on a different level altogether.Nothing motivates me to get off my self induced exile from a routine normal life.
Havent cleaned the house. didnt go to temple, havent done my laundry for the week. Also did not shop for groceries. Thinking of good old days, when i was in school/college and while we were in mulund.Those days will never come back.

The following 5 things surround me as i write this blog:
  • Glucon D Box
  • Nokia 6600
  • Table Fan
  • Packet of Oma Pudi ( A form of South Indian crackers)
  • Tiger Balm
Will go back to my lazy stupen spendour..zzzzz

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