Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kaatula Mayay

This is the name of the play i watched this evening with my roomie - Vatsan. Kaatula Mayay can have 2 meanings in the Tamil i know - Rain in the wind or Rain in the forest. Its a Tamil Comedy play, by a renowned comedian S. Vee Sekar. This guys sounds and speaks really innocently and cutely. In fact its really sad that we see really less of him in tamil movies of late. An industry that is thwarted by the ever sadistic Goundamani, ever pavam Senthil, ever loud and cheap Vadivelu, has now only the euphoric Vivek, who can come close to S. Vee. Vivek's wit and punch on relevant social and current issues, through his comedy are indeed entertaining.

Its indeed sad that am unable to check how my stocks performed on They are down for 2 whole days, due to some technical reasons. Why is icicidirect have downtime so often these days? Even during trading times, its painfully slow.

Did some Sentence Correction exercises from Kaplan. Planning to study solve some Critical Reasoning exercises too.

Will sign off now...tata...

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