Monday, November 14, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Went for a drive on late Saturday night, in and around Middletown. Then had gone to a friends house to fix his iPod. Came home, saw some comedy snippet, surfed the net..then slept at 3.30am on early Sunday morning.

Had a lazy Sunday today. Woke up pretty early..9.30am.Shopped,slept,shopped. Had peas-jeera rice, curd-rice and cantelope milk shake for dinner. Didnt study anything today till now.

Yet another week starts from tomorrow. Time is passing so quickly.

Surrounded by the following items, as i write this blog:
  • How to Create,Win and Dominate Markets - Philip Kotler
  • Table Lamp which i had purchased from Walmart for 4.88$, hoping will need it while studying for GMAT :)
  • Table Clock - hardly see time in that these days
  • My Motorola RAZR, which i havent used that much.
  • My 512MB iPod
  • My Nokia 6600 ...most widely used cell phone in my life :)
  • Headset, which i had got from Planet M, Bangalore for 260Rs. 3 yrs back, with Anu, at Brigade Road
Enough of show off...will write later.

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