Friday, November 18, 2005

H1-B Under Blanket

Blanket ke neeche kya hai?

The picture you see above is the third man in our lives (my life and my roomie Srivatsan's). dont be naughty. Its our third roomie at 173 Hunters - Durgaprasad Kalicharan Navin Chandra Mahavadi Kesava Sharma.

This image may make you assume that someone under it is sleeping and snoring away happily to laziness. But do you know? The "under-cover" activities are one of the reasons for RelianceIndiaCall, WQN and T-Mobile having huge profits.

The picture u see doesnt have the sound of soft telugu whispers that flow like music from this sleepy pied piper. With marraige just a fortnight away and every minute after work spent on is wishing all the best to Navin for his future venture.

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Srivatsan said...

This is hilarious.. I remember this