Monday, October 15, 2012

Tackle the mesh of problems with a constructive approach

Life is like this bridge with tresses - with a mesh of problems around us. If we focus too much on the problems and get worried, we are lost in the maze of problems and find no solution. If we look at the solution for each problem straight ahead and start working towards the same without worrying about the problem and the outcome or end result, we will sail past the bridge to the other side with success at our feet!

About this pic:

1.This was taken during my walk along the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) which runs behind my house in Leeds.

2. The entire TPT is very long and runs across Yorkshire for miles. The stretch outside my house is scenic and a nice walk for 45 mins till the Thwaite Mills Museum. This pic was taken one of the few times i have been here for a walk/ jog / run this summer. I had to then stop going on this path as it was isolated and becoming unsafe with a person from my company getting mugged and hospitalized by miscreants.

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