Friday, October 12, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On!

The cloud of uncertainty hovering above you will definitely drift one day. This is when you will be surprised by the fact that even disparate un-resolvable issues also head towards a solution, almost by magic! Hence, during those gloomy days when the clouds loom over your mind, KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!

About this pic:

1. This pic was taken during my frequent official travels between Oslo and Stavanger, while i was in Norway from 2009-2011. The flight journey is not more than 40 minutes, but it takes 4-5 hours to drive (have never tried though!). You can steal such stunning views of the beautiful landscape of Norway even during flight!

2. Of course i had to be patient for the clouds to disappear for the beauty to be revealed! The bridges are connecting small disparate islands in and around Stavanger. It is fun to take ferry’s and go islandhopping to these islands and explore them. Read about one of such trips on this blog - Islandhopping Tau

1 comment:

Vishius said...

Amazing pic man. Next time i'll also carry my cam when I take a flight.