Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Announcement: New Section/Label PicMotivate

Its high time i started getting active back on this blog. From today, i am introducing a new section under motivation. This would be “Pictures that motivate or PicMotivate”. These pictures have been handpicked from the collection of snaps i have created in the last few years – thanks to the places my job takes me to! The picture would typically be followed by a small paragraph on something related to motivation. Hope this helps us all in some small way to achieve the greater goals in life that we need to achieve.  Comments and Feedback appreciated!


Vishius said...

Like the idea. Hope you can keep it coming.

Atreya rocks said...

Thanks Sandy! It is kind of an inspiration from your "Pic of the day".

Vishius said...

I don't do pic of the day.
Its more like pic of the week (aka Wallpaper weekend).
But good that I managed to motivate another blogger to get back to blogworld :).