Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paths to Success

Overcoming your inner challenges in life, can be very much like this picture.

As you climb down the stairs of lethargy, laziness and your own inertia blocking your paths to success (symbolized by the gate), there are multiple pathways that life has in store for you to achieve success. Though these pathways can be in different directions – they will ultimately lead to one goal – a step forward in the right direction for your personal success!

About this pic:
This pic was taken during our short trek to “Malham Cove” at Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK. Me and my wife walked down these last few stairs during our descent to finally finish a well deserved trekking workout and lunch high up in the mountains!

1 comment:

Vishius said...

Nice pic and a good thought to go with it. Trekking certainly seems to get the philosopher going.