Friday, September 21, 2012

Brooding over the past..don’t repent!

In hindsight, everything looks totally wrong or right to us - be it the decisions we made, the people we met and fought or loved or things we didn’t do but could have done. If we have the right foresight and give the best to our decisions, people, work, relationships day in and day out, we may never repent in hindsight. The travel down memory lane will then be a smooth ride than a bumpy one!

About this pic:

1. It was taken during our trip to Whitby Abbey, north of UK. While travelling back, we had decided to pass through the magnificent “City of York” – the 800 year old city in Yorkshire.

2. The Circle in the background – aptly called the “Wheel of York” gives you a splendid view of the historic city of York – including the York Minster, York City Walls, rivers, railway lines and other landscapes.

3. It is very difficult to visit York and yet not fall in love with it!

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