Tuesday, November 06, 2012

March up, keep the tempo on

Each step of the corporate ladder will be full of fun, frustrations and difficulties. As you climb each step (symbolic to spending 1 year in your professional life), you will keep having fun, challenges and difficulties. A lot of times the difficulties and challenges may make you want to climb down the stairs. This is the moment when you hold onto your nerves and continue climbing upwards. You can take a deep breath momentarily, but keep marching up, keep the tempo on! Once you reach the pinnacle of your professional success or career, and as you look back it will all be memorable!

About this pic:
1. This pic was taken during our walk around the City Walls of York in Yorkshire, England, during a cold summer evening in 2012.
2.  York is one of the most famous Roman cities in the UK.
3. There is a blog written on the City of York. To read it, pls click here

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