Sunday, November 18, 2012

UK: Leedsify! Leeds Minster /Minster and Parish Church of Saint Peter-at-Leeds

North face view of Leeds Minster

The Leeds Minster is an imposing structure of cultural and structural importance that underlines this city. There are two imposing buildings in Leeds that you will always stay etched in your mind – Leeds Minster and Bridgewater Place ( a modern commercial cum residential complex in an odd shape). The Leeds Minster, (formerly Leeds Parish Church) has however been the more senior, having witnessed this city transform from a sleepy industrial town of mills to a modern epicentre of business in England outside of London.

A church has been onsite of this area since 7th century. This modern building visible in this picture has been a result of the re-building done over the last few centuries. This year the Parish Church got its due credit by being declared as “Leeds Minster” in September 2012.A Minster is the evolution of the church to perform higher duties to the local communities. Not many churches get promoted to become Minsters!
Side view - Maude Street car park
If you happen to be around the Leeds city center area – near the Leeds Coach Station, Leeds City Market or the Corn Exchange or the area around, you can always spot the Minster giving a beacon of permanence to locate yourself in the city center!

Seen from the swamps at Brewery Wharf
A remarkable testimony to changing times in Leeds!

As seen from beginning of Trans Pennine Trail

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