Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dog's take on corruption!

The government offices serving the public in India are notorious for two things – freedom of entry to anyone and machinery that works only when the palms of the key officers are greased. Behind my ass is the Registrar office in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Day in and day out me and my friends enjoy our morning and afternoon siesta’s on the cool flooring of this office. Sometimes we are rudely awakened and driven away by visitors who are not “dog friendly”, but at other times, we mutually co-exist with the officials. I have seen numerous apartments and properties being registered in and around Thane area right under my nose and behind my ass (especially when my ass is facing the entrance to the offices). Touts, agents and house buyers intermingle and jostle for space in the limited seating and standing area, before being ushered in to sign in front of the Registrar on their house deed. Though money changes hands quiet often between these entities – the amount you would see on the stamp duty and registration receipts would always be lower than the one that changed hands. All this has been happening for years together, right in front of the portraits of erstwhile national leaders of India – of Mahatma Gandhi, Balasaheb Ambedkar or Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Though all three would have cringed in their grave to see this current state of affairs in India, even the latest addition to bring in transparency to public services – the computer in the background – feels disgruntled and lost like a veteran losing the battle against transparency and corruption.

Well – to hell with you humans...i continue to enjoy my siesta and see umpteen houses change hands and hence feed into the families of those numerous middlemen, touts and government officials.  At times i get lucky to be rewarded with some snacky titbits thrown at me or a small pat on my body from an odd street dog lover.  They say, one can never straighten a dog’s tail – no matter what. I would say – corruption is so ingrained in you humans that my tail can be straightened perhaps – but not your habitual offence on corruption!

Bow Bow!


Chirag Radhakrishnan said...

Haha - that was hilarious. I read it with a doggy tone :)

Vishius said...

Very creative and sarcastic...
Good one.