Saturday, November 17, 2012

It all started this day last year!

Leeds City seen from Etap hotel
Exactly a year back – this day i landed in the UK – thanks to a new deputation posting to Leeds, West Yorkshire. Time flies so fast! It was as if only yesterday i was looking down the 7th floor room of my Etap Hotel in Leeds City Centre, trying to place myself in yet another country in the last 3 years.

The view itself was a strong statement and made me feel lost between two extremes – letting go of my baggage of memories of first day in the US and Norway and the other extreme of soaking in charm of England through the eyes of this wonderful city called Leeds!

Time flies as they say. Can’t believe that i have already seen a full cycle of life, seasons, festivals, work in this country! It has definitely been a different and rich experience being here in England. I have started liking my jacket potatoes, wanting crisps or chips with my British meal, enjoying the rich countryside, pubs, tea rooms and the BBC news in the mornings. However, i do know that a virtual India exists in this country just 5 minutes away from you- where i can walk into the Tesco express convenience store below my apartment and get a Garlic and Corriander Naan bread – 10.30 pm at night! Indeed - home – yet away from home!

As the travails of this wanderer continues – aimlessly drifting like a dry leaf on a summer breeze, it will be good to know how the next few years unfold in this magnificent land or some other land?

Another view of Leeds city from Etap hotel

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