Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Part 1: The story of Kannu Kutty

Mooooooooo.  Moooooo. Welcome to this blog. Finally able to write something that I should have long time back!  As you can see, I am a cow – also fondly referred to as “Kannu Kutty” during my first one year on mother earth. I don’t have a name as yet, but the lady of the house should name me when she is back from her trip abroad. In the interim – you can call me “Lakshmi” like most of them call me. People who presume that is the name up for grabs, once the lady of the house is back. much for speculation. Village dudes, for a change speculate the amount of water your village will get this monsoon or from the nearby state Karnataka than trying to guess my name!
Hate Paparazzi, but anyways caught sideways by the specxy guy

I was born not more than 7 months ago. I am still grappling to come in terms with my own clan – leave alone human beings.  My mom generously doles out all the milk she has got to a two legged lanky man every day morning, which is collected in a big aluminium tin. She does not even bother what might be left for me. Doesn’t she understand that I am still too young to fend for myself in terms of food? Ain’t this the only time I can have the pleasure of feeding from her, till I am a kid? Overheard from the other grumpy cow ( guess she resembles my mom, so could be my aunt)  that the other Kannu kutty in the same farm was ostracized some time back by the other cows in this village of Pillur in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India. The only reason being that she fed on her mother for more than a year, when it was as well her time to give milk to these two legged lanky selfish creatures referred to as human beings. No wonder her name was changed from “Kannu Kutty” (a term also fondly used by humans to show affection to another human or to cows like me) to “Kanraavi” ( more of an abuse, in the derogatory sense)!

Anyways, coming back to my story – so it was October 2010, about 4 months back. On a weekday, at midnight around 11 pm , I was lying there alone in the village outhouse, tied to wooden pole.  Was smoothly swatting away some flies with an unpredictable but rhythmic moment of my tail. I have just begun to get control on my involuntarily muscles around the tail to swat the flies and believe me, its fun! Dunno how many I have killed so far, but I am not gonna go down without a fight if they are to suck my blood and feed in infection that I don’t need at this young age! So I heard the sound of the door being opened – which is quite unlikely as this is a very quiet place to be. And there I see the farmer cum caretaker who tends to me – Dharmu walk in, put on the lights.

Caught by surprise and trying to get my eyes adjusted to the light after being in darkness since evening, I saw four strangers walk into the house and getting all happy and excited seeing me. One of those was a guy wearing specs and I despised him as soon as I saw him as I knew, he is mesmerized by my cuteness and gonna trouble and pet me like no one else has in the past four months.

Too late for tonight…rest in next. Moooooo….


Meenakshi Deepak said...

"I knew, he is mesmerized by my cuteness and gonna trouble and pet me like no one else has in the past four months".. soooo typical of you!! Kannu kutty ko bhi nahi choda :P

Anu said...

Dipya, nicely put...All the cuteness of this cute Kanna Kutti...Reminds me of her grand mothers who were the cute 'Kannu Kuttis'too when we were kids and we were mesmerised by them too and enjoyed playing with them all day....'Jai Ho to Kanna Kuttis..'.