Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Reviews: Part 1

Yes, self- admittedly I am a movie buff. I self-realized it later in life. I also realized my inclination was more towards the non commercial movies. The movies which are more realistic than idealistic / super hero / action times. Though I have no issues in watching the movies where hero-beats-villain-gets-his love, I still prefer watching art movies / real life movies, where the main protagonist can still be a failure at the end of the movie. I would share my thoughts on some of these movies that I keep watching in this space.
1.       "Driving Miss Daisy"
                    Amazing movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy.
                    Good story around the times of racism and prejudice in the American society. Has mentions of JT attending one of the talks of Marthin Luther King.
                     In 1989 this movie won 4 Academy awards out of 9 nominations.
                    I love Morgan Freeman’s movies – watched Shawshank Redemption, Seven, The Maiden Heist and this. Just amazing! Another movie that you can watch of JT is Fried Green Tomatoes. Simply Amazing!
                    A must watch!

2.        "Hachiko: A Dog's Story"
                    Starring Richard Gere, Georg of Sienfeld fame.
                    Amazing movie exploring the deep connection of dogs with human beings.
                    Hachiko the dog waits for his master in the same railway station everyday for 10 years after the master dies.
                    Based on a true life story in Japan.
                    If you love animals especially dogs, this is a movie to watch!

3.    "The Guatemalan Handshake".
                    Kind of weird a movie, which revolves around a small electric car in an odd shape and the various owners it had.
                    In the end all charachters are heading in different directions in their lives.
                    This film won the Special Jury Prize in the Sundance Film Festival.

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