Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Reviews: Part 3

1.       "Six Days Seven Nights"
                    Starring Harrison Ford,Anne Heche.
                    Nice storyline and some good "stranded in the island" adventures.
                    David Schwimmer's role (the Friends guy - Ross) is more of a wimp than anything else!

2.       "The American"
                    A good Georg Clooney movie, with not that much of a story - but some good action and tp stuff.

3.       "Angadi Theru"
                     A Tamil movie - amazing movie - showing the gory realities behind the scenes of the big, plush stores in Ranganathan Street in Chennai, India.
                    I was glad to hear from my friend KK that after this movie, the Govt sent random inspections to these stores to ensure Quality of Life for the employees of these stores. Hats off!

4.       "The Emigrant"
                    Egyptian movie with English subtitles - Director Youssef Chahine's
                    Amazing movie. Was very controversial and stirred up quite a storm in Egypt and was banned for sometime .
                    When the movie was allowed to be released, it became one of the biggest grossers of all time in Egypt!

5.       "The night of the sunflowers"
                    Saw this Spanish movie with English subtitles.
                    Amazing movie which leaves you thinking during and after the movie.
                    Good plot of interconnecting different stories.

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