Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Reviews: Part 2

1.       "The Japanese Wife"
                    Bengali movie by Aparna Sen with some dialogues in English
                    The movie could have been better, but nevertheless the story line and rural Bengali background combined with some sweet Bengali dialogues and Japanese background music make it more endearing.

2.       "Zeitgeist"
                    An amazing documentary - kinda shakes your belief on the "truth you believed so far" across 3 different topics!
                     Dunno to what extent it is true, but this will make you question everything that you indisputably accepted so far.

3.       When Father Was Away on Business
                    A Yugoslavian film set in the post World War II Era.
                    Amazing movie with good wit and storyline.
                    Undoubtedly it won the Cannes award in 1985!
                    Worth watching – though you have to read the English subtitles all the way through!

4.       "Siddhartha"
                    Amazing movie which tried to explore the true meaning of human existence.
                    From saying, "I can think,fast and write" in his youth, Siddhartha (Shashi Kapoor) finally comes at peace with himself in the end.
                    In the end you are left pondering..whats the use of all the materialistic needs that we humans so selfishly pursue till we breathe our last?

5.       "Sicko"
                    My first ever Michael Moore movie - "Sicko".
                    Awesome insights onto the healthcare system in US as compared to the ones in UK, France, Canada and Cuba!  He has gone to the extent of going to these countries, speaking to locals about their system.
                    The benefits of a socialist healthcare system as compared to a capitalist healthcare system were indeed mind boggling!
                    When will India have an all encompassing healthcare system?

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