Monday, December 18, 2006

The Wait

Since Sat night, i have been visiting yahoogroups, orkut on information on R1 admits at ISB. Its indeed positively intimidating and threatening to know the good quality of folks getting into ISB. The GMAT scores are nowhere below 700, so even though we know the standard line - "GMAT Score is JUST one of the criteria", still am not really that comfortable that my GMAT score of 660 will get a call. I would have logged into the ISB site for atleast 4-5 times in the past 2 days, trying to see if there is any further progress on my application evaluation and that most awaited interview call. Hope it happens! The wait for the interview is just like a pregnant women waiting for her child to be delivered. With due respects to all women, i understand that its more painful then than the wait that i have to endure here, but nevertheless mentally it is the same.

I indeed have to literally drag myself to work each day and see through those 9 hours (though it passes of in a giffy amist conference calls, lunch, tea-breaks, email). Need to do something different. There are close to 200 ppl in this account of Infy in Middletown and all have been almost doing the same thing for the past 2 years. This is my second trip here and its just like, nothing happened between my 2 trips to the US and i was never in India. Things haven't changed at all!

Finally glad now that no longer i have that bad tooth ache i was suffering from about 2 weeks back. That molar, which survived all the grinding, biting,chewing, acidic pepsi and coke, was finally removed and laid to rest. He had consolidated his position so much that Dr. Shashi had to "divide and conquer" - cut the molar into 3 pieces after giving 5 shots of local anesthesia and then pull this guy out. The other tooth were not that happy i guess, and now that the molar has left, there is void between the two teeth he earlier fitted into. Hopefully with the passage of time, i would get an artifical molar there, so that it keeps them company :)

Was on NUS site today. Looks good and impressive. Neverthless, nothing like ISB though :)

Weekend chores - laundry,folding clothes, filling gas in car are done. No ironing needed for tomorrow as i already have ironed clothes from last week :)

Achievement of this weekend: It was undoubtedly cleaning and clearing the clog in the restroom potty. The house maintenance guys were to leisurely come on Monday after i lodged the complaint on Saturday. Me and my roomie - SS thought that we shall fix it before them, so that life is much more convenient. We went to Wal-Mart and got a pump - the one with a long handle and a rubber cup at the end. Used and using suction and air pressure, cleared the traffic jam, cleaned the potty and we were all set!

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