Friday, December 22, 2006

Long Weekend!!!

Yippee!!! Yet another long weekend for X'mas! Its so nice to have this day, cos
i) Today is Friday and we dont have to get back to work till Tuesday . Things are the quietest on a Friday like this as there is not much activity and lot of folks are out on vacation.
ii) Tonight, sal would be credited most likely! Love to see those $$, though i have a sal cut these days :)
iii) Its so nice to know that all your major deliverables are completed and all you need to do is come down to your room, and hop onto your comforter and write this blog :)

I lost my cell phone somewhere, while winding up things at work and leaving for home in all the excitement. Hopefully my roomie DG should pick it up from my desk (i instructed him :) ) or i should find it in my car!

More blogging later :) TC :)

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