Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sleepy Eyed Wonder

These days i have got into this regular routine of sleeping late by 1am or so and waking up by 7am and getting ready for work. Its not that am utilizing all the time that i am awake productively, but its just that i am wasting a lot of time into stock markets and other miscellaneous items. Need to cut the crap and start working in app's to other B-Schools. After all isn't that the reason i travelled onshore and said a "yes" for this assignment, when asked to travel just 2.5 months back?

Yesterday finally returned the Sony Car Stereo to CC and the Antenna Adapter to BB, since i completely agree with my roomie SS that its waste of money, as i cant take them back to India, and it would stay with the car when i sell it. So settled for the Belkin Tunecast 2 FM Transmitter that i had picked up from Walmart this weekend. Its good, and much better that i had expected it to. Of course nothing can beat a direct CD player or the Cassette Adapter- MP3 player combo in a car, but hey i am no nosy geek. Tunecast2 is good. I will return this to Walmart this Friday as i have already ordered it from Amazon for a lesser price and also some books on Management Consulting. Got to know what this consulting is all about, so that i can give some funda's when required and also seriously take a call as to where to go from this crossroad of my career. Also in my order at Amazon, was able to use the 20$ Gift Coupon i got as recognition from 'Jersey Rhythems' for the help for their show in NJ in Oct.

Today was doing a Business Analyst's job and working on some real detailed requirements for a change for a new application. Glad with what i could complete by EOD. No turns for cooking today! Will check appraisal to see if its closed and then will check ISB to see if there are any further updates! Pls pray that i get into a B-school!

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