Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Of Stock Markets, Cooking Turns

Woke up this morning to note that there was yet another fall on the stock market in India and it was down by 400 points for the second consecutive day. My unrealized profits head southwards by 20k INR not counting Mutual Fund's. Phew...looks like the predictions i had heard on stock market stabilizing around 11.5 on the BSE by Dec 2006 end will come true!

Today was my turn for cooking food and prepared "Karela Sambhar" by a very tedious process. Tedious process was to ensure that the karela, which is bitter in taste has the right mix of spices and bitterness. Though time consuming, nevertheless it turned out too good and i was proud of myself.Though ppl hardly appreciate as its just routine! I dont mind, cos i know i gave it my best :) So next turn comes on Friday for me to cook.

Finally modified appraisal and sent it back to appraiser. Dont know if the ratings would need to be negotiated, but am open to be a pain in the butt this time cos i think i deserve what i self-rated. After all, dont we all feel so?

Got an email acknowledgement from ISB that my application packet contents were verified. Oh Lord, pls help shortlist me for the interview and let me make it into ISB! Jai Hanuman! Hope the ad com goes through my CD and is impressed by all info in there! Lord Balaji, pls help!

Am dozing off now..sold IDFC @ 70 tonight..12% profit (including brokerage).

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