Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of Appraisals, Introspection and Future Life

Closed my appraisal yesterday. Wasnt way too happy with it as things were
A) pushed to the end by my appraiser and reviewer and consultant
B) ratings were rolled back from the earlier ones given by previous ML (who left the company cos he could not be promoted) to a level below as they felt he had over rated all people who worked with him. Voila! What a crap reason ? Couldnt it be that the person who got an A, atleast some of them deserved it? What about all those initiatives i took to create KT Documents? They weren't rewarded at all. The usual sling was - "U are a PA, and thats expected" Expected my foot. I dont see my peers taking so much pains to create documents and give so much attention to detail.
C) All the technical and behavorial competencies are satisfactory. Phew..also agonizing comments with each of them.
The list could go on, but the thing is that Infosys appraisal , though tried to improve itself this year, still is way away from where it should be. My appraiser was of the same band as me and its a lesson learned for me that from the next time, i would like my appraiser to be the next role and not my role. I will make that evident in my 1-1 scheduled some time in the next 2 weeks.

Now that this year, when i had a tumultouse personal relationship and now the professional boat also rocking, need to really see what i need to do to get where i want to see myself. Also gave a go ahead to folks for releasing my horoscope :) Thought, what the heck..lets see how life takes a turn from there. Would definitely like to make my expectations clear and what my aspirations in professional life would be :)

From next time, wouldnt chide my friends, as i usually do, asking "Shaadi Kab Kar Raha Hai?". Hehehe...

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