Thursday, October 07, 2010

Stats:Yet another milestone in 7 Days!

1.     After our last set of Stats on Sept 30th 2010, this is a time to announce two major achievements –

" As of today - October 7th, this blog has got 504 views in 7 days in October (average of 72 page
views per day this month)! "

"On October 6th, 2010 – “Pageviews all time history” parameter crossed 2000 Page views, which
means that more than 2000 page views were made on the blog. Most of these 2000 were between
September 2010 and October 2010. The current pageview count is 2057 at 12.58 pm CET."

2.   The countries, from where users visit this blog are quiet diverse and cover all continents. These  countries are:
  • Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina
  • Asia Pacific: India, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan
  • Europe: Norway, UK, Germany, Malta, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Russia, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia
  • Middle East & Africa: UAE, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia
3.  Shown below is the split of people visiting this blog from various parts of the world. US of course tops the chart, followed by India, Norway and UK. I have also already turned off "Don't track my page views" so the Norway numbers are from elsewhere! The below is based on a Page View count of 1818.
Countries not mentioned in the graph above, but listed in point 3 are covered in the remaining 239 page views (2057 – 1818) on my blog. Currently Google Stats show only the top 10 countries with the most page views.

4.  Writing on current affairs and issues is definitely a big draw on page views and interesting to many. A case in point is the blog on “The parallel life with Rajanikanth” which now has 80 page views in just 7 days of being published (Sept 30th).  Other example is “The tribute to Dell Inspiron….” which has had 88 page views since being published on Sept 27th.

Announcement on New Label:

There was a new label on "Personality Development" added this week. All the articles written by me
as a Creative Writer under would be posted here over the next few days. My profile in can be accessed at link (click on link).

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