Monday, October 11, 2010

Stats: 54% of Pageviews of September achieved in just under 11 days!

And while we await Sachin Tendulkar to create more records on the fourth and fifth days of the final test between India and Australia, the statistics for this blog have kept me busy and here they are:
As of 5:50 pm CET on Oct 11th,
  1. All time page views for this blog are at 2376, which is 319 more than the last stats posted on Oct 7th. This means, the average Page Views per day is now roughly around 75-80
  2. Pageviews for month of October alone are 824. This is roughly 54% of the Pageviews for the month of September (1517). This feat was achieved in a little over 10.5 days in this month! This month we may well cross the 1517 barrier, from the current scheme of things.
  3. The blog “An Experience:Enthiran:The Robot” posted on Oct 10th at 11.00 pm CET is now amongst the Top 10 most viewed articles on my blog. The feat was achieved in a little over 16 hours where 44 folks have already read the same!
  4. This week we also added continuation to our Short Stories series, by adding Part 3. It still has to pick up the same levels of Pageviews, as Part 2 and Part 1 have picked up, for me to gauge user interest and write next part.

    Neways, no bar graphs for this time and that’s it for now!

    More later!

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