Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Meditation: A Food for Mind

The human body is a machine, a machine that can overtake the most complex of electromechanical gadgets man has ever made, just by its sheer co-ordination, existence and by carelessly swaying to the whims of its indisputable master stuffed with grey cells – the human brain. But the human body has its own limitations. The more rigorous strain it is put to, it will need some time to recharge after that. That is why almost every person on earth sleeps. By sleeping, you are knocked off from the real world, and in that world of glossy dreams, your body finds its solace and gets recharged.

For the body, probably an hour or two hours of sleep is enough to get recharged. But what about the brain? What about the mind ? It is always working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When we doze off, the sub-conscious mind knocks down the conscious mind and gets its act together. When we wake up, the sub-conscious mind takes a back seat. There is no state of rest for the mind. When the mind is clogged, frustrations creep in and affect the daily rhythm of each and every one of us. The clogging of the mind can be stopped and the mind can become healthy by meditation. 

Meditation is the food for mind. The mind doesn't ask for food when it is hungry, unlike your stomach, which almost roars when kept empty for a long period of time. The mind is like a silent obedient servant, always at the disposal of the master. Through mediation the mind can be made to calm down and made to vibrate only in those areas, which are viable for our mental and physical harmony. By riding the car of meditation, the mind can be made to turn away from those unwanted human emotions of anger, jealously, thoughtless pondering, fear. 

The meditation process just acts as a speed breaker for the thought process in our mind and gives us time to get in touch with the infinite, which is the ultimate source of energy. The infinite lies within self. It cannot be seen, it cannot be touched. It can be only experienced. When one reaches the ultimate core, he becomes unshakable.

Meditation is not the picture you always had in mind - a jungle full of trees, anthills and snakes. Where at the center of the jungle, seated below a banyan tree, a hermit with the longest enviable beard is chanting "OM" and sitting in an upright erect position. This is hardcore meditation, but there are simpler ways than this to log on to the spiritual world.

Just go to a place, where you won't be disturbed for some time, say at least 15 minutes or so. Let it be a place where you can feel relaxed. This is very essential. Relaxation is the ignition if you want to have a smooth drive towards meditation. Now close your eyes. Just forget about yourself. Forget what you are, how you are, who is yours or what is your problem. Forget your sex (man/ woman and not when to have it!) and even name. Now just visualize that you are walking over water in the sea. Don't worry, in imaginations you can walk on water without drowning and Newton's laws of gravity are redundant. Now when you reach the center of the sea, you sit down in the upright position, with your legs folded. Visualize that your body is  penetrating the water and going down towards the sea bed. Remember that you are in the seated pose. Imagine water around you. Now concentrate on your breathing. Follow the inhalation and exhalation very closely. Now slowly visualize that you have reached the bottom of the sea bed. Now you go further below the sea bed. You are piercing the sea bed and going further below, beneath the seabed. When you go below the abyss of sea bed, visualize that you have come out of Planet Earth. The Earth was just part of the larger Solar System around the Sun that you came out of. Now try entering the planet next to earth, per your imagination - maybe Mars/ Venus or Jupiter. Now follow your presence / body in the seated position the same way as earlier. Only this time, you would be entering the new planet from the atmosphere, come down, touch the water on this planet by being seated there and then  trace your way back to the sea bed, and then below it, to emerge out of that planet and look for the next one. If you want to end your meditation, just slowly imagine yourself to rise up from the seabed, back to the surface of water. Slowly stand up from your seated position in your imagination and start walking back to the shore. This is when you slowly open your eyes and slowly come out of meditation. Follow this for atleast 15 minutes everyday.

Meditation is the master key to piece of mind. Harness your mind through meditation because it will increase the mileage of happiness in your mind. I have started practicing it. Have you started?

After Word:
The above was again taken from my contribution to on my section on "Individuality" at link (click in link). The above article was posted in on 14th Oct 2001, about 9 years back. It was a time when i used to seriously follow meditation using one of the tactics mentioned above and others and experienced strong personal power. Look forward to bring in all my articles from Boloji to this blog.


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