Thursday, October 21, 2010

@ Frankfurt Airport - Enroute Vacation!

Yippee....its vacation time! Going back home to Mumbai!

Waiting here in the Frankfurt Airport for my next connecting flight to Mumbai. The stopover is close to 4 hours and the initial rituals of wandering through the Duty Free shops - Liquor, Electronic Goods are over. My heart again skipped a beat when i saw some of these devices that i wanted or the golden liquid that tastes so heavenly down the throat. My mind was playing games "Pls buy Pls buy". The other part of my mind was saying "Golden Liquid in Mumbai - its less expensive. Electronic items - expensive in Europe and you already paid through your nose when you last gave in to your impulsive binge and ended up buying the Nokia E72 the last time you travelled international @ Amsterdam. Control!!"

Want this to be a "no work vacation" but as you can already see - i logged in, cleared off all the office morning mails, made a couple of calls and then got onto this blog. So definitely know - whats in store for me - some work during vacation. Don't mind it really! Hope to do well!

There is a karmic connection in our lives. What goes around - comes around. Now..wait a minute..I am not talking of hot chicks one fancied during college, who come back colder in later part of your life! Just talking of "Hotel" and "Airport". Its a year since i landed in Norway and exactly in the Oct of 2009, not only hopped flights in Frankfurt on my way to Oslo (just like i am hopping flights now to Mumbai from Frankfurt), but also stayed in the same hotel (P-Hotel), where i was put up last week while in Oslo.

One good thing to be in Frankfurt Airport as compared to Stockholm/ Oslo/ Stavanger / Bonn/ Dusseldorf in Europe is - there is access to English Newspapers. Just realized how hungry my mind was to read English and now that i can get to read "The Times of India", "Mumbai Mirror" and " "Bombay Times" back to back - life is gonna be cool!

Tada..more later.

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Meenakshi Deepak said...

Nice read.... so did u check some deals for me ????