Sunday, December 23, 2012

UK: Leedsify: German Christmas markets

Millennium Square towering over Leeds Christmas markets
Christmas is to the Western World what Diwali is to Indians. A time to exchange gifts, buy new clothes or items, meet friends and family, enjoy good food  and lot of laughter, lights and joy all around to light up the spirits from the mundane profanities of everyday life.

Around Christmas time, people are willing to open up their wallets and ready to indulge in purchasing and shopping.  This not only ensures good business to High Street retailers, but also is a good source of income for temporary markets and traders who travel far and wide from other countries to make their monies during the festive season.

Every year during Christmas, there is a German market put up at Millennium Square – the heart of Leeds city centre. This Christmas market is called “Christkindelmarkt”, and is indeed- a little piece of Germany in the heart of Leeds City Centre. This market attracts more than hundred thousand visitors for about a month before Christmas.

The market consists of over 40 wooden stalls – which look like Wooden cabins from the outside. Each of these stalls are put up by authentic German traders providing a wide range of seasonal gift ideas for everyone including; handcrafted toys, jewellery, Christmas cards and festive decorations. 

This also includes speciality foods and traditional German delicacies such as gluhwein, sausages, goulash, soups, gingerbread and candied fruits, crepe` and other delicacies. Not to forget the German beers, giving you feeling of your own “Novemberfest” or “Decemberfest”!

Gluhwein in traditional cup!
The temptation of German beer!

Apart from the wooden stalls the other attractions are the games in and around the German markets – which keep families, friends and kids glued enough. The shiny flashbulbs lighten up the nights – underlining the feeling of joy & enjoyment for all folks enjoying the market!

A must visit for anyone who would like to experience a little bit of “continental Europe” in UK and hear Germans speaking measured English with a cute European accent. I would advise one to not miss gluhwein (warm wine), beer & crepe’!

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