Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Don’t be disappointed of yourself

Don’t be conscious or disappointed of who you are or what your surroundings are.  Let not what you are stunt what you want to be. You have the innate potential to improve yourself – oblivious of your surroundings/ comments from people to do better in life for yourself and for your near and dear ones.

About this pic:
1. This pic was taken on Westminster Bridge, London on 30th Dec 2012. I & my wife had been to London for the New Years and on a crisp, breezy winter evening while walking on the bridge, we saw this gentleman dressed in traditional Scottish wear, oblivious of the surroundings and generating sweet music from the instrument.
2. Lot of tourists and visitors paused for a minute and gathered around him – listening to his music or posing for photographs with him. Jovial that he was, he obliged numerous visitors and continued playing his organ – making the evening magical for all of us around!

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