Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Night in Norway

"On a dark desolate Saturday
Cowebs in my head
Wanna smella fresh air coming through the open window
Up ahead in the distance - saw a shimmering light"

Hell - no shimmering light for now! This is where the similarity between "Hotel California" and "Deepak in Norway" ends!

Its Norway - we have very limited access to sunlight or actual day light.
The clouds haggle over to suck most of the light in the day and the nights are well - at the mercy of the moon and the streetlights.

Weekends are days to be totally socially outcast - a mix of me having grudgingly chosen to take this step and also a flavor of not-many-indian-people-whom-i-know around. Since childhood, i for some reason have not been able to forcefully get myself invited to someone elses's house or purposefully barge into a group. Even if i want to do these things now - show me the people! I will as well continue to be in my cocoon - read my house and go out only for the weekend shopping to buy groceries. Eagerly waiting for my wife to travel here to Norway - so that we could explore a few places around - even in the cold and get ourselves socially active! Till then facebook, orkut, you tube rule my social life!

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Meenakshi Deepak said...

nice one sweetheart.. hope the sadness ends once i am there... :)