Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Life comes a full circle!

Hi there - haven't written in anything here for sometime now. Well i am through my MBA from one of the top 10 institutes in India, accredited by AMBA and landed the best job on campus per my aspirations in 2008! College life ..rather hostel life was anything but dull and tempo was up through a vibrant batch, challenging environment, exciting opportunities for leadership through placement committee and other initiatives! In 10 months after graduating, i got married and here i am in Oslo, playing the role i dreamt of few years back!
Yawn - well since you are reading this blog, you need to get more and not my history...right?
Well i am into watching some serious stuff these days. Called "art movies" or parallel cinema commonly in India. Have literally been banished and dismissed as insane by my family for this sudden enthusiasm in watching close to 7 movies in 2 weekends - Mandi, Nishant, Bhumika, Katha, Ardh Satya, Manthan, Suraj ka Saatvan Ghoda. I have always wanted to fulfil this desire of mine to watch serious stuff and try to look at this movie from the director, the charachters and actual issues perspective per my limited intellect. It has indeed been an eye opener and the right food for my mind and thought, which was until recently well satiated by an urge to aggressively read books during my journey from work to home and back, in Mumbai India. I read a lot of Jeffrey Archers ( i started loving his style of writing btw), Ken Follets (all time favorites!), John Grisham (the best author per me), Michael Crichton, Arthur Hailley, Arvind Adiga, Gregory David Roberts to name a few. Am i now starting to move towards this new urge to get back to writing serious stuff through this blog? Only time would tell! Till then - Tada!

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Meenakshi Deepak said...

after getting married.. watchin parallel cinema.. means.. u growing old.. :).. mein kya karu raam mujhe budha mil gaya :)