Sunday, April 02, 2006

All good things come to an end...

Its 7:04 PM EST and i am blogging this from Newark Intl. Airport, NJ. Waiting for my British Airways Flight to London, UK. Will be there for a week and then head back to India.

Its almost 2 years since i landed here in the US. Came here on June 5th 2004, for an assignment for my organization. Really now that i think back...dont know how i spent those 22 months.

Its been a great experience being here in the US and i would definitely be coming back. As i head back at this juncture of my career, i am indeed concerned about my career, family and personal life. Its almost 3.5 years that i have been in IT and now i definitely look all ripened up to do what i want to do and what i like to do. I may face a lot of obstacles as i would always be stereotyped to be a developer. But this not where i should be and where i want to be.

Some things that i need to work upon - be better organized, time management and setting priorities right. I believe i have the power in me to wake up from the lazy slumber triggered by the kind-of-retired life for the past 2 years and channelize my mind, body and thoughts to where i need to head. I just need to stay calm, focussed on what i do. The results should take care of them.

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Anonymous said...

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