Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ramblings # Life #

What is life and what is it that I want from Life? Should one live life for himself or for others?
Is life, the process of keeping everyone happy or keeping yourself happy? If you think of only your happiness or pleasure, you are termed “selfish” or “self-centered”. If you think about keeping others happy, you may end up doing a lot of things that don’t make u happy. Is this what you were born for, to make yourself unhappy even at the cost of others happiness? Is this what god had in store for you, when you were being conceived by the desire of two divine individuals closest to you? Or is this what you chose, when your inner voice gave you an option to switch to making yourself happy? Did you take that angularly bent flat spatula and had a wild swipe on the ever awake but confessional arrogant inner voice, at least in thoughts?
Does real life have fairy tell endings? Does real life reward sacrificing souls? Only time will be a testimonial to that. Amen.

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