Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome Back to India!

Had a good week's vacation in London where i happened to not only spend quality time with my sister, neice and brother in law, but also got to do a lot of sight seeing. Also planned my trip so that i was able to attend an Information Drop In session at London Business School. A really impressive school and had a first feel of being in a B- School.

After that came back to India. Its but of course - nice to be back home! Getting adjusted to honking car's, the right hand drive of cars, the people, temperature etc. Cut short my vacation at home and joined office in 2 days flat! Even before i could synchronize my body clock with IST, i joined office. Am on bench since then and will be starting a project mainly from May 1st.

A lot of pending items need to be taken care of in the next one - two months. Also need to ramp up my GMAT Score from 530 to something above 700. I know its do-able. Only thing is need to have discipline, perseverance and hard work.

Thats it for in next..

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