Friday, October 12, 2007


Its 'fall' here in the New England region in US. The season in which trees get a new shade on them for some time in the form of leaves changing color and finally these leaves desert the branches and trees they hung on to, only to mix with earth and come back next year.

Think of the trees. Every year come spring..the new leaves spring up on their branches, adding color and life to their otherwise dreary life. The trees are able to make their presence felt with each passing gust of wind by swaying their leaves and by throwing a zillion shades of green under the piercing sun. Then comes fall...and thats where the story reaches its climax. The leaves cant bear the cold and snow. Nature roasts and bakes them to change the green to shades of yellow, orange and red. Finally when the leaf and turn into no other color but brown/ black, they fall off the tree. Rain also comes as a gatecrasher around fall, to ensure that its a clean job and through brute and force all leaves are brought down to mother earth. None of it sticks to the tree. The tree is left to fend for itself in the cold winter. Nothing to cover it up but fond memories of leaves.

Such is life..

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