Sunday, January 07, 2007

What a New Year?

What a New Year it has been. In the past 1 week the following has happened:

1) Got a "Reject" even for an interview at ISB
2) Got "additional responsibilities" at work
3) Had a car accident yesterday, for no fault of mine.

For 1) I was dejected. But now i question myself, what right do i have to get dejected? Did i give it my best shot - GMAT and app's? In the slog overs (end) i did, but needn't one be serious and work rigorously towards one's goals right from the start? Where did i do that? There would have been so many better profiles/sincere students than mine? Why should i feel bad? I probably lost to better people than me. I should take this in the right spirit and change the way i approach things.

For 2) yes i did. I am now asked to oversee a project. So have cut down on my late sleeps in the early hours of the morning and have started waking up and being in offshore calls from 6.00am. For last couple of days, i have been working late too. I am going to give my best shot, to ensure that the project doesnt suffer.

For 3) it was kind of a sad saturday evening. I was taking my colleague - SM for house-hunting on West Lake Drive. After prodding over 2 possible accomodations, myself, SM and VS set out for a drive to Udipi Indian Restaurant in Route 9S. Just when we crossed Exit 16, while we were enroute to Exit 11, i changed lanes after checking my blind spots and signalling. Suddently there was a throw and jerk experienced in my car and i could hear the splintering of glasses and the screaming by my rear passenger - SM, who fell on her stomach towards the front car seat. I stopped the car and took stock of the situation. Came out and checked that the driver behind me in a Chevy Trailblazer was ok. Asked her if she wanted some water, which she then politely declined, but later asked for, which i gave to her. She was ok and she had called the police (911).
In that wait, ensured that SM was feeling ok, as her back and neck were aching. VS was ok and not that hurt and he called RK to come to the scene. While we were waiting for the police, the traffic had a bottleneck for sometime. Some ppl stopped and screamed "Park your cars right to the curb, you are creating a jam". Already jittered, the Chevvy lady asked me if we need to do that. I declined as i didnt want to move before the police arrived, which was the best thing to do as per my knowledge. I asked her not to worry about the chiding from other car stoppers as she may never see them in life again. Once the police arrived, they took my side of the story and her side of the story.They also checked with SM and VS to get their names, address and other details. Me and the Chevvy owner also gave our License Cards, Insurance Papers. I had already noted Chevvy's number and the insurance information. Cops asked me for the actual Registeration Papers of my car and since i didnt have it in my car, asked my roomie's - SS and DG to get it.

While the cops took their time in preparing the case for the incident, it was a pregnant wait for all of us. In the meanwhile RK , DG and SS arrived at the scene. I was in a state of blankness, a bit of shock, but could handle the situation the right way. Did feel hurt on seeing my car the way it was...squeezed out totally from the rear. I admired her and liked my car so much, as it was almost new. Probably, just because i liked her too much, she is no longer with it always happened with me. Anyways, there was towing truck called by the police, which towed my car away. Me and the Chevvy lady got our case information, license, insurance and went separate ways.

I am glad that SM and VS were not hurt. SM came onsite just 3 days back and here we have this incident. I am thankful to god that all of us escaped without a scratch. Its indeed miraculous. The loss in money/ metal is nothing before the human health.

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