Friday, August 26, 2005

Life...strange life

Life's indeed strange. You need something to look forward to, that keeps you going through your normal routine. Perhaps thats the whisp of fresh air that gives that otherwise boring day an extra zing. Was looking forward for a trip down to visit her at Texas and last weekend finally arrived and i went there. It was an awesome trip..being with her, driving a SUV for the first time - Hyundai Santa Fe'. Its so organized in this part of the world. Person can go from city A to city B, rent a car in city B and reach the final destination with no problems. Everything is so mechanical and organized. Mapquest, Internet, smooth network, awesome infrastructure. Admire the vision that would have driven the planning and had the drive to complete the same.
Finally..after a weekend involving loosing directions regularly, driving in Texan conditions (people somehow dont use indicators while changing lanes, a la Mumbai!) and watching Texan Ranches, am back to "The Constitution State" - Connecticut. The whisp of fresh air, the driving point for my not so interesting routine is finally over. Which is the next drive for me, that should keep me going? GMAT? Study...Study..Study mate.

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