Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good Beginning

12.45 pm EST
14 th August 05
Middletown, CT - USA

Yesterday, finally after more than 14 months in the USA, i broke the ice. Saw the first movie in a movie theater/multiplex - Mangal Pandey. A Hindi Movie, narrating the first war of independance raised against the British Colonial Rule in India. Amazing to see that 4-5 lines on a freedom fighter found in any of the history textbooks in India, can be made into a 3 hour movie. Add to that the sleaze,songs of a typical bollywood movie...this one has taken artisitic liberties on the preferences and life of a freedom fighter. Movies sometimes step too far into the personal space of people.Mangal, good that u are not alive any more. You would have really not agreed on a lot of "creative liberty" taken by the director on your personal life. Salute to you for triggering the freedom movement.

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